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Social Media
Social Media has already created a wave in the market around the world. It has initiated the change and has shifted the momentum to "Customers". Now Customer is the actual King and the Queen.

It has changed the way Brands used to communicate and market. From monologue to a dialogue, mass communication to a personal message, social media is revolutionising the way of marketing. It is the biggest revolution since Industrial age and it is not easy either.

Brands must understand the fact that Social Media is not just about random "content" It is about a proper strategy, planned approach, timely execution and detailed analysis. It is a process and has to be dealt in a proper way.
All our campaigns are based on proper research. We plan effective programs based on your overall Marketing objective in a futuristic way.

Our model is based on integrating both Traditional as well as Digital Marketing and leveraging traditional marketing through social media. We follow "digital integrated approach" so as to create synergy for better ROI.
We have pioneered in the field of social media and have handled the communication of 60 Brands in past three years. Best part is we have worked across all Industries.

Social Media Analytics
The most critical thing for any form of Advertising is "Analytics". Social Media without proper analytics is almost a waste effort because you don’t get to know the outcome of your campaigns. You don't know whether you are reaching the right audience or not.
We offer complete and extensive Social Media Analytics. Inorder to provide you better services we have a strategic alliance with couple of US based Analytics companies. We provide detailed reports so that you know what is the outcome of your campaigns and can calculate the ROI in a more precise and scientific way.

In last Quarter, we have just reached 18.2 Million people through social media advertising for our clients. Do we need to say any further to justify our services!!

Online Reputation Management
" You are not what you actually are! You're what your Facebook/Twitter Status says you're "
With the Digital Revolution, customers have more control over your Brand now. Huge bits of Content is posted everyday on different social media platforms. The most important job for a marketer is to understand what customers are speaking about his Brand.
We provide complete Online Reputation Management. We ensure social media helps you in generating positive word of mouth.

NOTE: Please don’t contact us if your product is not good!

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is growing almost 70% year on year. It has given brands a way to connect with Millions of social beings in a very efficient and cost effective way. There are different ways and platforms for Digital Advertising. Our team coordinates with the client, understands objectives and recommends appropriate Digital Media Channels for Advertising. We ensure your budget is spend on such platforms where you get the best ROI.

Different platforms for Online Advertising include:

  • Facebook Paid Ads: The Paid Ads on Facebook are one of the best sources of increasing the online traffic both on your Facebook as well as on your website. Best feature of Facebook Ads is the precise Targeting tools for reaching your Target Group. We assure you completely Targeted Campaigns.
    The Facebook Ads can be utilized to:
    • Increase Fan base on your Facebook
    • Divert Targeted Traffic from Facebook to your website
    • Increase Reach of the Facebook Posts
    • Create Buzz in the Social Media

  • Search Advertising (Keyword ads): Optimizing and bidding for unlimited Keywords related to your business, so that your website is on the top of Google when people search for your products and services.

  • Display Advertising: We're all spending more time online and 95% of that time is spent reading and engaging with content on websites. With our Display Advertising we can help you reach all these potential Customers.

  • Video Advertising: Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average 20% increase in traffic to your website. YouTube streams over 4 billion videos a day, and our targeting tools are so precise that you can show your ad to folks around your corner or to anyone around the world. YouTube advertisement is like a advertisement on TV, Just that you "PAY LESS" and get "BETTER RESULTS"

  • Mobile Advertising: Ads on Mobile devices and in application ads.

  • Remarketing: Targeting People who have already visited your website. It is like "My Ads will follow you, wherever you go"

In past 1 quarter we have reached 18.20 Million people only through Facebook Ads!

Digital Media Consulting
Digital Media Consulting Nowadays there are so many platforms available for marketing in digital media, that it is becoming highly challenging to understand where to market, how to market and when to market.
Our expert Digital Media Strategists understand your Brand and the Marketing Objective and suggest you the appropriate platforms to market.
It is the time when almost everybody wants to take his business online. But the question arises how? Do I create my own portal or shall I have a tie up with an already established portal. Shall I market my products on Amazon or Flipkart?
With our research and analytics, we provide you analytical answer to all such questions.

Creative Marketing
Creative Marketing features our creative solutions for Brands. Creative Marketing includes Content Development, Website Development, User Interface, ad designing and our other creative services.
Content is the Blood of any communication whether it is Radio, Television, Newspaper or the Digital Media. Content plays a pivotal role in creating your Brand. Social Media Content is way too challenging, you need to be at your innovative best and that too quite often.
Apart from creating great content for your social media, we also create awesome ads for your other forms of advertising, be it a newspaper advertisement for a real estate company wanting to communicate regarding their luxury villas or the condominiums, hospital communicating regarding their milestones, educational institutes communicating about the admissions or the placements, we create them all. Over the period of time, we have grown up as a full-fledged creative agency with an experienced team. Our creative’s reflect your Brand.
We are not just into Content Writing, we are into Content Marketing - We create content that is "Marketable".
We have created some awesome websites for our clients. Our website development team comprises of “Coding Addicts” who talk, eat and sleep Coding and User Interface Designers who worship designing.
This service is restricted to our existing clients, as of now. Since we don’t compromise with service, so we take web development on first cum first serve basis. You can drop us a message, if you are lucky, we will love to work with you!

Web Applications
Applications are taking over the world. However they are not limited to mobile platforms. Applications are also available on websites.
Websites with basic functions are going out of fashion and the visitor's demands are increasing day by day. At the root of it a web application is simply when a website performs an function at all.It is in the ease and quality of these functions which seperates the ordinary from the extraordinary.
In the upcoming digital revolution, now more than ever websites need to be responsive, easy to use and perform more than what they are intended to.
This is exactly what we do. We make sure the website made is easthetically pleasing, accomplishes the purpose and then more. We have created and maintained clients of all sections of the business sector.

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